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MFS uniform orders, please refer to our address here
Books/Stationery orders, please self collect at school bookstore

Our Customer Service Officer will contact you to confirm your delivery date and time

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Must be on/ after 27 Mar 2018
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Delivery Address
Delivery Charge For MFS uniforms only, free delivery for orders >= $60.00
For books/stationery, delivery is $10.00 per trip

Note: Preferred date and time of delivery requested are still subjected to change. Our customer service staff will contact the customers on their orders before any delivery is done.

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Please kindly ensure exact amount is ready for collection.
If no payment is received or payment is incorrect, another delivery trip (for home delivery) will be charged.


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We regret to inform you that we would no longer be providing delivery services for “BOOKLIST” items from 19th Dec 2017 onwards. Pre order for self-collection at respective schools will be available till 26th December 2017.